▀ What we do at Mantu ▄

We empower our people, our brands, our clients and partners by providing the support, advice, tools and environment they need to thrive.

▀ What is the Mantu brand ecosystem?

The Mantu brand ecosystem is a collaborative, supportive network of businesses. The brands in our ecosystem are empowered to create synergies, share expertise, and work together to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

The ethos of our ecosystem is for entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurs – Mantu provides essential business support, while our brands are free to do what they do best: delivering expert solutions for our clients.

Whilst Mantu provides wide-ranging support to each brand within the ecosystem, our brands operate independently on a day-to-day basis, setting their own business objectives and working towards their own entrepreneurial goals.

▀ How do we support our clients?

Divided across six practices, the Mantu ecosystem empowers our clients through services provided across a wide range of business areas.

Leadership Advocacy

We offer coaching, training, and consulting services to executive committees to help them define their purpose, positioning, and strategy.


Talent Solutions

We assist executives, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals in all aspects of talent transformation: identifying the best experts, retention mechanisms, compensation and benefits policy, and much more in order to roll out a unified HR strategy and offer the best employee experience.



We reinvent and transform industrial and economic models thanks to an approach that combines expertise, technology, and digital, whatever our clients’ requirements.


Total Workforce Management

We respond to the rapid changes in the world of work by bringing together and creating bridges between different modes of collaboration: salaried employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and wage portage.  It embodies the idea of a thriving community of talented people, regardless of the form contracts take or type of organizational structure, whether they are a large company or a small start-up.


Digital Marketing & Experience

We guide and support our clients in bringing seamless customer experiences to life through augmented, virtual, or extended reality, or through customized digital platforms.


our clients

Agate Thomas-Chocat

Open Innovation Manager at Edenred

“We have a partner by our side who enables us to offer our creative teams innovative methods identical on all our locations, and supports us with great agility, flexibility and reactivity in the production and market roll out of new solutions.”