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R&D and open innovation will shape the business models of the future. We invest in an R&D Lab and in a Studio (our start-up incubator) in order to remain at the cutting edge, and constantly develop and roll out new services and products. 

  • Research & Development
  • Innovation Factories
  • Open Innovation

Research & Development

Research & Development Creating disruptive and innovative solutions to answer today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Innovation Factories

Responsible for ensuring project development and roll-out

Open Innovation

Supporting the market launch of new products or services

The R&D Lab

Our society is facing new and unprecedented challenges. Human interactions on social media, business digitalization and the Internet of Things generate petabytes of new information every second. Businesses evolve faster every year and we need to adapt to these new social and economic behaviors. We need new tools to build a sustainable society and deal with urgent environmental issues.

The Start-Up Studio

We connect the best ideas with the boldest entrepreneurs to create successful ventures.

We build the most effective solutions to our clients’ pain points thanks to our strong brand ecosystem and our open innovation approach.

We move fast and we know no limits or borders: we simply go where our clients need us to be.


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Our Practices

Mantu offers a range of high-value expert services in:

Leadership Advocacy & Shaping Advisory

Coaching, training and advising top-level management to help them define their positioning and strategy in order to anticipate and adapt to the profound changes the market is undergoing in every sector (strategy consulting, change management).

Supporting businesses through the transformation of management models and ways of working. We help our clients create flexible, agile and connected working environments in line with the needs and expectations of a new generation of workers.

Future of Work


Reinventing and transforming industrial and economic models through digital and technologies. Whether it’s Information Systems & Digital, engineering, telecom, life sciences or any other of our core consulting specialties, we are able to support our clients at every level.

Anticipating disruption and creating new growth drivers for businesses. Transforming staffing and production models through new talent marketplace solutions. Through our dedicated brands, we build and nurture talent communities across the world featuring experts in every sector, capable of matching every project requirement.

Disruption & Growth

Online-Reputation & Digital Marketing

We are moving away from a top-down corporate communication model and towards a new peer-to-peer, social, real time discussion. Thanks to digital marketing, we can fine-tune campaigns to specific audiences, with an immediately measurable ROI.

A new, improved customer journey and brand experience: whether it’s corporate training programs or corporate events, we are committed to offering our clients exclusive, unforgettable, and enriching experiences.



Research & Development and open innovation will shape the business models of the future. We invest in an R&D Lab and in a Studio (our start-up incubator) in order to always be at the cutting edge, and constantly develop new services and products.

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