We respond to the rapid changes in the world of work by bringing together and creating bridges between different modes of collaboration: salaried employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and wage portage. It embodies the idea of a community of talented people, regardless of the form contracts take or type of organizational structure, whether they are a large company or a small start-up.



Connecting entrepreneurs

We connect startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporates sharing common goals.


Startup certification

We give startups the chance to stand out from the crowd so that corporates can identify the right partners easily.


Talent community growth

Workplaces are changing fast. Our ecosystem of platforms brings together talent communities and businesses.


Regardless of your challenge, our experts from one or several of our Brands will help you fulfill your transformation.


Want to join our adventure? Looking for a reliable partner? Simply curious to get to know us better? Get in touch!

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    Constance Nevoret

    CEO LittleBig Connection