Mantu: The partner of choice for your innovation challenges As companies go through remarkable transformations to adapt to fast changing

Mantu: The partner of choice for your innovation challenges

As companies go through remarkable transformations to adapt to fast changing environments, Mantu guides business leaders to implement innovative ideas and solutions to be at the forefront of their industry.

Driven by value Innovation, our pragmatic solutions are designed to help you achieve differentiation and organizational optimization.

With flexible delivery models, our customized and international services reinforce the pillars of your company: your business, workforce, organization and environment.

Why we should all pay attention to Innovation

Innovation is a lever for transformation: it is a driver of change and evolution for companies everywhere.

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of companies are experiencing massive change internally and in their markets.

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of leaders consider Innovation as a strong component of their company’s future.

Resilience, agility, and a strong culture of innovation are becoming business imperatives, particularly in the current economic context we are facing.

Companies over the world are therefore searching for ways to become more agile and customer-centric, as well as seeking new routes for value creation within their ecosystems. Combined, these factors result in consolidated market positioning, organizational resiliency, and talent community growth.

We believe the success of innovative projects is predicated on the mindset and composition of internal teams, the practices and tools in place, and the strength of interactions within a company ecosystem.

AI & Data Science

Data acquisition

Data analytics

Data science

Data visualization

Collaborative design review & quality control

Remote assistance & augmented technician

Internal Communication

VR meetings & presentations
Site visits
VR Trainings & serious games
Corporate culture

External Communication

Impactful experiences during events
Site visits & virtual showrooms
New product presentation


Empowering innovation

Intrapreneurship program

Season set-up and project selection
Pitch bootcamp
Project acceleration journey
Go live - from MVP to product

Design thinking worshops & coaching




Project management

MVP creation




Web developments

Mobile-first experiences
Intranet - Extranet

Mobile apps

Native - IOS - Android


Technical design
Software architecture
Web graphism
UX audits

Platform development

Custom development
Backend: Java
Frontend: React

Digital marketing

Brand strategy
Web design
Social influence
Growth marketing


Regardless of your challenge, our experts from one or several of our Brands will help you fulfill your transformation.


Want to join our adventure? Looking for a reliable partner? Simply curious to get to know us better? Get in touch!

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    Julie Malouin

    Head of Innovation Lab, Mantu