Leadership Advocacy & Shaping Advisory

We provide coaching, training, and advice to top-level management to help them define their positioning and strategy. This allows businesses to anticipate and adapt to the profound changes the market is undergoing in every sector.

Future of Work

Future of Work by Mantu is our response to help business leaders overcome adaptability and transformation challenges with a strong focus on Culture, Organization, Management & People.


Reinventing and transforming industrial and economic models through talent, technology, and digital, whatever our clients’ requirements.

Disruption & Growth

We believe that each company must be prepared to face any business disruption, whatever direction market forces are blowing. Understanding the market and anticipating change with innovation is key.
We’ve been applying this approach to our own model in order to invent and deploy new growth drivers for today and tomorrow. From the beginning of the entrepreneurial cycle to the end, Mantu’s practice in Disruption and Growth enables us to support businesses as they adapt, evolve, and expand.

Online Reputation & Digital Marketing

We’re moving away from a top-down corporate communication model towards peer-to-peer, real-time discussion. Digital marketing enables us to fine-tune campaigns to specific audiences with immediately measurable ROI.


The greatest challenge for organizations today is to find ways to engage their external and internal communities towards building a bond, from a digital experience to physical one. This bond will appear only if organizations are successful in creating a unique and authentic experience.
To help you craft a unique brand story, create emotions, share moments, engage your audience, and boost brand loyalty amongst your internal and external communities, we focus on three pillars – Be, Share, Feel.


Research and development and open innovation are already shaping the business models of the future. Our innovation lab ensures we remain at the cutting edge of developing new products and services.