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At Mantu, we believe in running a sustainable and responsible business.

We are committed to sustainability both for the sake of the talent at the heart of our organization, and to guarantee a reliable and transparent approach for all our clients.

Our Commitment to clients

Our commitment to clients is a simple and straightforward one: we deliver on our promises and on the results we agreed on. Beyond that, we strive to be a fully customer-centric organization. This means that our services, our solutions, and even our internal structure are designed to match our clients’ changing needs. We are not interested in being simple service providers – we want a true partnership with our clients, where we share and learn beyond the constraints of a single project, where we co-create and co-innovate.

If our history has taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing to be gained from labouring on a single model or solution. Therefore, our commitment to our clients is that we will always go where they need us to be, we will always evolve as their challenges evolve, and we will never take them for granted.   

These are the standards that define not only our relationships with clients, but also our ways of working and our management style.

We summarize our approach with one single phrase: “ensuring our clients’ success.”

Our Commitment to our Talent

  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Supporting talent
  • Quality of life at work
  • Valuing feedback
  • Skills development

Diversity and equal opportunities

Mantu’s talented people come from more than 95 different countries. We are proudly multi-cultural and understand the power of sharing our diverse, often very different experiences. As we open Experience Hubs on every continent, we bring cultures together while offering our talent unparalleled international mobility opportunities. To preserve what make local cultures so unique, we’re also implementing local governance strategies in every Experience Hub, carefully balancing the local traits of a hub with our wider values, processes, and operations.

Supporting talent

We understand that talented people come with different skills and have different aspirations. That’s why our careers need to offer variety and reflect their changing desires and goals. At Mantu, we encourage all our team members to build their own highly-personalized career plan, and we tailor our international opportunities to match their needs. We also implement clear career paths so everyone can see how their skills and responsibilities could evolve over time. Last but not least, we strive to create a dynamic and interactive environment, where our talent is engaged, trusted and challenged. We encourage every single one of them to grow in their own way, and we provide them with all the tools to do so, by designing flexible careers around the people who underpin our success.

Quality of life at work

Mantu attaches great importance to the quality of life at work. We value our teams’ wellbeing, and that’s why we create new, clean and functional environments, featuring relax and communal areas. Regular events (lunches, parties, sports activities ...) also help teams integrate and develop a shared culture. A personalized management strategy ensures that our workforce feels supported in their work on a daily basis, making room for informal, open discussions on any topic or issue they might raise. Every Group member can choose to become a member of our Foundation, and thus promote a cause that is close to their heart.

Valuing feedback

We value our talent’s opinion above all things. We conduct regular surveys to gather feedback on new initiatives, but also more generally on quality of life at work, to ensure we provide a fulfilling environment for all our stakeholders. We always aim to have open, healthy discussions at all levels: to that end, we have created a group-wide social media collaborative platform, which allows us to exchange information, gather better feedback and increase synergies between our teams across the world.

Skills development

Our performance is driven by knowledge and how we communicate and share that knowledge. We collaborate with experts from different organizations across the widest possible spectrum of industries and sectors, to ensure a constant cross-pollination of knowledge both within and beyond our teams: we believe that an open approach to innovation is the only way to achieve sustainable skills development. The right career path can increase skills in new areas, boost CVs, and keep work fresh, new, and exciting. At Mantu, we trust our talent to take on new responsibilities and learn new things, moving to different positions if necessary, with our support.We nurture our people by providing opportunities to learn, discover and retrain on-the-job. It’s our way to foster a culture of exploration and experimentation, where people can improve soft skills like organization, communication, or leadership – and find projects that best suit their skill set and ambitions.

Awards and Certifications

At Mantu, we are committed to continually improving on quality, following rigorous international standards. To date, we have secured prestigious certifications for many of our subsidiaries. Now, we are determined to extend these accreditations at a brand level, recognizing our diligence and drive in every area of the organization.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 27001:2013

United Nations Global Compact

Ecovadis Sustainability Ratings (various categories)


Launched in 2015, the Amaris Foundation aims to support innovation to foster independence across the world. We operate in various sectors such as education, health and employment.

Above all, the Amaris Foundation is a collaborative organization, enabling all our talent to take part in this exciting adventure by suggesting charities and initiatives that we can champion. Every member of the Mantu platform can join the Foundation completely free of charge. Our participatory model ensures everyone can have a say in our activities and operations: each year, Foundation members can submit a project led by a non-profit organization and vote for their favorite cause to receive funding.

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