Our Governance

Mantu Management Committee

The Mantu Management Committee is the general management governance in charge of taking decisions on the overall management of the Mantu platform. The committee's objective is to ensure coherence between all practices’ development and strategic decisions while also addressing the general governance of all platform decisions.

Arnaud Brizzi

Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Chief Executive Officer Amaris Consulting

Olivier Brourhant

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Etienne Cadre

Executive VP Human Resources

Federico Corsi

Chief Operating Officer Mantu & Chief Executive Officer Amaris Consulting

Mark-Corentin Cot-Magnas

Executive VP Finance

Caroline Decré

Executive VP Recruitment – Marketing & Conversation

Jean-Pierre Hennion

Chief Information Officer

Constance Nevoret

Executive VP Sustainable Development Mantu & Chief Executive Officer LittleBig Connection

Jean-François Thunet

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mantu & Chairman Amaris Consulting