Welcome to Enigmantu, the ultimate treasure hunt game.

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We are nearing the end of the year.
Cities are dressing up and people are getting ready to celebrate the holiday season and welcome 2022.

But Montu has discovered something that could stop us from celebrating the New Year and the beginning of 2022… All the clocks around the world have been stolen.
No countdown and no New Year will be possible in any corner of the world!!!

Montu needs your help to find all the clocks! With your knowledge of the Mantu ecosystem and your adventurous spirit, we will bring back all the clocks and the year 2022 with it!

The rules

To complete the game, you will have to answer a series of enigmas around the Mantu ecosystem and its brands.

Each turn, you will be teleported to a brand's website page

On the brand's website page, you will have to find an hidden clock

This clock will trigger an enigma related to the website of the brand you are on. Take a close look at the page, the answer is nearby!

To finish the first phase, you will have to find the first 7 clocks spread across the Mantu ecosystem.