At Mantu, we believe in running a sustainable and responsible business.

We are committed to sustainability both for the sake of the talent at the heart of our organization, and to guarantee a reliable and transparent approach for all our clients.​

Our commitment to clients

We deliver on our promises and on the results we agreed on.

We strive to be a fully client-centric company

We are putting our clients at the core of our business to provide a positive experience and high satisfaction to build a long-term relationship.We are putting our clients at the core of our business to provide a positive experience and high satisfaction to build a long-term relationship. It means:


It means:

Knowing and understanding what clients wants and what matters for them. Within Mantu, we share those customers insights across our organization, so that everyone can see through customers’ eyes.

Focus and deliver what our clients want and need, and therefore develop dedicated approaches and services around that. We believe that each client stake is unique and requires a tailor-made answer.

Establish long lasting relationships with our clients to maximize service experience. For that purpose, we regularly conduct satisfaction surveys to analyze, plan and implement strategies to better our clients.

We summarize our approach with one single phrase:

Ensuring our clients’ success.

Our commitment to talent

Supporting talent

We understand that people have different skills and different aspirations. We’ve developed our careers to offer variety and reflect the changing desires and goals of our workforce. We are supporting continuous learning through the recent launch of a new learning management system (LMS).

We encourage all our team members to build their own highly-personalized career plan, and we provide international opportunities to match their needs.

We strive to create a dynamic and interactive environment, where our talent is engaged, trusted and challenged. We encourage every single one of them to grow in their own way, and we provide them with all the tools to do so, by designing flexible careers around the people who underpin our success.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We are proudly multicultural and understand the power of sharing our diverse and often very different experiences.

Quality of life at work

We value our teams’ wellbeing, which is why we developed the Smart Working initiative in response to increased levels of home working.
Integrating this new working environment into our everyday operations is our way of ensuring that we collaborate effectively so that all our team members can flourish.

Skills development

We collaborate with experts from organizations across the widest possible spectrum of industries and sectors to ensure a constant cross-pollination of knowledge.

and Certifications

At Mantu, we are committed to continually improving on quality, following rigorous international standards. To date, we have secured prestigious certifications for many of our subsidiaries. Now, we are determined to extend these accreditations at a brand level, recognizing our diligence and drive in every area of the organization.

ISO 9001


ISO 27001


United Nations Global Compact

Ecovadis Sustainability Ratings

(various categories)