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We understand that talented people come with different skills and have different ambitions. That’s why our careers need to offer variety and adapt to their changing desires and goals.

We focus on encouraging people to build their own highly-personalized career plan, and we tailor our international opportunities to match their needs.

We nurture our talent by providing opportunities to learn, discover new things and retrain on-the-job. It is our way of fostering a culture of exploration and experimentation, where people can improve their skills and find the projects that are best suited to their skills

Our Talent

At Mantu, we understand that society is undergoing a profound mutation, affecting the way we live, and of course, the way we work. Along with the consequences of digital transformation, there’s another challenge on the horizon: 18-30 years old will represent 50% of the global workforce in 2020 and 75% in the next 5 years. We trust these digital generations to build a global company.

For these ‘digital natives’, flexibility, independence and innovation are key. We believe that the people who shape and understand the world are best placed to support our customers. At Mantu, this generation already represents the vast majority of our workforce, and not just in the rank-and-file, but also in management roles: we believe in giving young people responsibilities from the word go.

This means going all out to challenge our corporate model and push boundaries to build an environment where they can thrive.  Our Group’s values combined with our talent’s aspirations gave rise to a real ‘intrapreneurial’ ecosystem, characterized by constant challenges and an ambition to grow.

Customized Career Development

The aim of our Talent Development Department is to give all our people visibility on their career path and their long-term development opportunities within our company. This department helps match Mantu’s business needs with our talent’s expectations.

Skills Development

Our Talent Development Department creates training programs tailored to each role, also taking into account cultural specificities to grow our people’s skills at a local and global level. By transmitting our values and know-how, we coach and help our talent develop their management, technical and functional skills.

International Careers

Our International Mobility teams help our people build international careers.
Being able to relocate our team members to one of our 80 offices is a key service we want to enhance to support our business as well as our people.

A sense of Belonging

At Mantu, we empower our Brands to focus on delivering customer-centric value propositions. Regardless of their expertise or the sector they operate in, all the Group’s Brands share a single mission: Building and nurturing the best talent community to achieve businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ ambitions.



Hub Manager


Trust is one of the group’s core values, I understood this since my first week. In fact my managers gave me full responsibility for our Tunis Hub, trusting me and giving me the chance to define my own metrics and my own management strategy to lead my consultants.
Managing a strategic Hub for the Group at 29…that’s not what you see in other companies.”

Riccardo GIRONI

Senior Manager


You are part of a large international Group, and at the same time, you are a key player in your team. This entrepreneurial approach allows you to really make an impact. I think creativity, determination and patience are the key to success in what we do”


Senior Manager


My current job involves building client relationships and coaching new managers. The thrill of winning projects and having a positive impact on the team is part of what motivates me on a daily basis. I am able to have a positive impact not only on my direct team and colleagues, but also on the organization and how we evolve as a company. Being part of a great network enables me to create synergies to grow our business and win more projects.”


Finance Manager


My scope is currently made up of different Group elements with very different business models. Having this key role in the organization and being in close contact with both consultant and corporate support staff is definitely what I enjoy the most about my current position”


Life Science Consultant


There are no real boundaries in the Group. If you have an idea, you always have the chance to talk about it and make it happen. Whether it’s with your client or internally, you always have a chance to make your ideas come true.”


Engineer Consultant


The people I work with is what makes me wake up in the morning. At the risk of sounding “cheesy”, our people are definitely our biggest asset. I find myself constantly in awe of the passion that my colleagues demonstrate through their performance and their commitment to the company. From young overachievers to experienced consultants with over 15-20 years in the field, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from each other. ”

Our Brands

At Mantu, we empower our Brands to focus on delivering customer-centric value propositions. Regardless of their expertise or the sector they operate in, all the Group’s Brands share a single mission: Building and nurturing the best talent community to achieve businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ ambitions.


7Circles advises and develops tailor-made solutions to support you on digital transformation.

Ace&Perry focuses on customised workforce and personalised, effective solutions, always providing professional advice and high-quality service. We tailor everything we do to match precisely what your company needs in terms of business and technical skills.

A.D.R. Agency stands out for its highly refined expertise in luxury, fashion and cinema. An agency where excellence rhymes with craftsmanship, conviviality goes hand in hand with authenticity, and rarity with elegance.

Amaris Consulting is an independent Technology and Management Consulting Group providing high added-value consulting services on an international level.

One of the very few pure players to be recognized internationally for its expertise in all Human Resources Management Systems related services.

Inner Action is designing solution for strategic business challenges, training and coaching managers to accompany them in their deployment.

Jef Label is a community of high potential start-ups connecting them to large corporations to foster innovation.

KobOne is helping freelance graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators find the projects that are best suited to their skills.

Little Big Connection changes today’s workplace. LBC creates simple solutions and technologies that bring together businesses with committed communities of today’s talent and tomorrow’s expertise. Its platform allows them to seamlessly and fairly achieve all their projects.

Helping talented individuals become independent while supporting them at every stage of their career.

SST Events offers innovative approaches and diversified skills to support its clients on every type of corporate events.

Giving real meaning, purpose and impact to leaders and companies within our society. 

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