Meet Alex, Senior Software Engineer

Four years and two continents: Alex loves working with us around the world. Catch a glimpse of his journey with Mantu in the video below:

We are a community of more than 8,500 people. We are present in five continents with people from 100 nationalities:  being multicultural is part of our DNA. Mantu signed the United Nations’ Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles, and we are deeply committed to creating an inclusive and diverse talent community.

We believe that every career path should be as unique as the person on it. We encourage our people to craft their own professional journeys, to try out different kinds of projects and responsibilities, to find what is right for them. 

Life is not static: people change and so do our goals and ambitions. We strive to be responsive and flexible to the evolving needs of our team members. We value our people, we support our people, and we empower our people.

Join us today and see for yourself the power of our talent community.

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