Talent Solutions by Mantu is our response to help business leaders overcome adaptability and transformation challenges with a strong focus on Culture, Organization, Management & People.

The partner of choice for your transformation challenges

Talent Solutions by Mantu is our response to help business leaders overcome adaptability and transformation challenges with a strong focus on Culture, Organization, Management & People.

We provide integrated solutions crafted around three main pillars: Culture, Organization, People & Management, tailored to your needs and company culture, thanks to our ecosystem of transformation experts in various fields.

Why we should all pay attention to the future of work

The fundamental pillars on which we have built businesses in the last decades are changing (fast!).

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of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000.

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people are willing to earn less to do more meaningful work.

Global trends, such as ‘New gen’ expectations, the urgent need for sustainability, the impact of technology, and new forms of working and organization, are already shaping the future of work and organizations, creating critical challenges for all companies globally.

More than ever, companies must deal with labor markets under structural pressure and accelerating job obsolescence, making talent attraction and loyalty all the more complicated,with huge impacts on knowledge and skills.

Resilience, agility, and a strong culture and mindset of transformation are therefore becoming a matter of survival for businesses, even moreso in the current health and economic context we are facing.

Our practice & solutions to transform your business & organization


Everything starts with your ‘why’. Find your purpose and let your stakeholders know about it. Then make sure that whatever you build is sustainable to create a sense of pride and belonging for your communities.


Positive impact

Employer branding

Learning company & agility

Share the value

Change management

Podcast on cultural transformation

Guillaume Jubin, Founder & Partner at Wemean, discusses company purpose and the role and impact of companies in society.

New governance & management models

Workspace & working environment

Remote working & (cyber)security

Mobility & digital integration

OneRoof/bring jobs to people

From contract to freedom


Build the right organization to embody your purpose and create a stimulating environment encouraging all your stakeholders to collaborate, create and innovate together. Operating like an Open Company will have a huge impact on leveraging the power of your ecosystem.

Podcasts on organizational transformation

Julien Clouet, Founder & Director at LittleBig Connection, discusses transforming corporate culture into operational reality within the context of extended companies.

Noémie Moreau, HSE Manager in charge of crisis management, explains how to manage ecosystem reorganization within corporate environments.

People & Management

Attract, engage, onboard, and build loyalty with your talent community, providing them new opportunities and forms of collaboration, innovative management support, and helping them acquire new skills to better navigate increasingly complex labor markets and environments where human and machine collaboration is being constantly redefined.

Talent attraction

Build talent loyalty

Create your own ladder

Engage people: Intrapreneurship

Train for competences/Jobs of tomorrow

Human & machine collaboration redefined

Podcast on talent community & managerial transformation

Jean-François Thunet, Mantu Deputy CEO & Amaris CEO explains how to get your people on board with your transformation.

Our unique 2-step approach to help you with this triple transformation


We co-define your transformation roadmap together

- Maieutics
- Concertation & co-construction
- Action


We co-execute the roadmap by bringing the right players around the table and synchronizing their joint effort with your teams.

- Execute for you
- Execute together
- Train your team to execute autonomously


Regardless of your challenge, our experts from one or several of our Brands will help you fulfill your transformation.


Want to join our adventure? Looking for a reliable partner? Simply curious to get to know us better? Get in touch!

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