We believe that each company must be prepared to face any business disruption, whatever direction market forces are blowing. Therefore, understanding the market, anticipating and innovating to that end are key elements to face those changes.With this in mind, we’ve been applying this approach to our own model in order to invent and deploy new growth drivers for today and tomorrow. From the beginning of the entrepreneurial cycle to the end, Mantu’s expertise in Disruption and Growth enables us to support their businesses as they adapt, evolve, and expand.



Connecting entrepreneurs

We connect startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporates sharing common goals.


Startup certification

We give startups the chance to stand out from the crowd so that corporates can identify the right partners easily.


Talent community growth

Workplaces are changing fast. Our ecosystem of platforms brings together talent communities and businesses.


Regardless of your challenge, our experts from one or several of our Brands will help you fulfill your transformation.


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  • business-partner

    Julien Clouet

    Chairman & Founder, LittleBIG Connection
  • business-partner

    Pierre Jasnin

    Head of Sales, LittleBIG Connection