As pioneers of the AR/VR/XR digital frontier and experts in developing custom digital platforms for businesses, we guide and support our clients in bringing the perfect customer experience to life. ​

Through our holistic Digital Marketing & Experience practice, Mantu brands provide strategic, development, and implementation services, from building a purpose-driven brand to creating unique digital experiences to connect with your customers.




We will help our clients create an identity that will best reflect their business and immerse their audience, with the goal of becoming a ‘living media’, a real persona with its own identity, beliefs, and commitments.



As immersive as it can be, digital experience can never compete with physical experience. We help brands meet and interact with their community to get the best out of a combined physical and digital experience, offering truly meaningful experiences to brand communities.



Audiences must feel like they want to follow and interact with you in order to become communities. We build preference and loyalty based on purpose and the experience your brand can offer.


Digital Storytelling

Through the creation of ad-hoc digital experiences (AR, VR, interactive displays, mobile games, projection mapping, etc.) we can help our clients explain their story, their vision or pro mote their new products or approaches


Regardless of your challenge, our experts from one or several of our Brands will help you fulfill your transformation.


Want to join our adventure? Looking for a reliable partner? Simply curious to get to know us better? Get in touch!

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    Thomas Jeanneney

    Director & Co-founder, Pixel Alliance
  • business-partner

    Nicolas Nusim

    Director, Seven Circles
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    Amaury La Burthe

    CEO & Creative Director, Novelab
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    Frederic Charpentier

    Associate Director, SST Events
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    Mathieu Ragetly

    Strategic Partnership & Integration Manager, Mantu