Mitigating risk in production environments

Businesses of all shapes and sizes must do more to reduce their environmental impact. Discover how a Mantu brand supported a company in developing an environmental monitoring solution.


Increasing compliance and reducing waste

Managing environmental risk is becoming an increasingly important topic for companies across all sectors. Poor air quality, for example, seriously impacts business operations as well as being hazardous to human health.

The business benefits of preventing and managing air pollution are numerous: reduced legal and financial risks, and improved company standing, operations, and productivity are all direct outcomes stemming from good air quality. For companies whose operations require a sterile environment, good air quality is vital for maintaining uninterrupted production.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is an effective approach for increasing compliance and reducing waste.

Although all companies must seriously consider environmental risks, corporate businesses face the added challenge of developing scalable solutions which can be rolled out across multiple sites. 


The Client

Our client operates in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, discovering new health solutions whilst engaging in positive environmental action. They aim to anticipate technical innovation and are quick to adopt the most cutting-edge scientific processes and equipment available.

The Project

The production environment

It is essential for the pharmaceutical industry to be able to monitor and control the environmental parameters, such as air particles, water vapor and temperature, throughout the production process.  
As a pharmaceutical company, our client’s internal environment required management. Their facilities had to be able cope with the ever-increasing demands of their research and development of new medicines. The cost and impact of environmental irregularities or unexpected interruptions can be high. Accordingly, the company needed a reliable monitoring and forecasting system which could be implemented across all their production sites.

Key benefits of an EMS

  • Improve production performance
  • Surpass current regulatory requirements
  • Control on-site risks
  • Reduce waste cost by saving on energy and raw materials
  • Competition differentiation
  • Transparency with staff, consumers & insurers

The challenge

Safeguarding and protection

As well as the need to track data in real-time to prevent product or external environment contamination, this project addressed other concerns, such as safeguarding the client’s valuable stock.

The implementation of the EMS, as well as the finished system, had to adhere to three crucial criteria: 

  • Protect valuable raw materials, such as those used in drug compounds
  • Ensure real-time drug batches remain uncontaminated
  • Deliver evidence of rule compliance in the event of regulatory audits or litigation

Being able to predict, monitor, and mitigate air pollution in a real-time production environment allowed the client to anticipate unexpected events and to better prepare for them.


Implementing a sustainable development tool

Amaris Consulting, part of the Mantu brand ecosystem, helped our client embrace new technologies and processes. With teams experienced in life sciences, the project also aligned perfectly with our own organizational goals of reinventing and transforming industrial and economic models through strategy, science, and technology. 

Our client is able to conduct proactive maintenance and repair work: preventing unexpected downtime, equipment failure, and other issues from arising. This empowers the company to allocate resources appropriately, and to better plan for operational growth. The sustainable development tool is adaptable, and can evolve thanks to its ability to automatically diffuse modifications throughout the system’s different elements.


Our client is now able to closely control the internal environment of its operations. After a successful first implementation at a local production facility, our client decided to roll out EMS internationally at their other sites. 

Key results

  -6% global environmental impact 

 +28% process automation
  -12% water and energy usage

  – 11% raw material costs

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