Completing a Comprehensive Digitalization Project

Transitioning to a next generation industry model

How Mantu supports a leading supplier to the plastic industry in their digitalization transformation

The automation trend

Next generation industry model refers to the digital transformation of the industry sector as manufacturing companies go through the fourth industrial revolution. 

Digitization is revolutionizing production plants both in terms of ways of working and product supply.  

To consolidate their positions, manufacturing companies must embrace disruptive technological solutions to changing customer habits. Increasing productivity by shortening delivery times and optimizing manufacturing costs, improving productivity and profitability by optimizing time to market: these are the main challenges manufacturing companies face now.  

Digitalizing manufacturing processes and tools  

Digitalization impacts many different operational aspects, e.g. product design and production, but it also contributes to reinventing the business model itself. Digital technologies radically transform all end-to-end processes in the production-to-delivery chain, generating a shared system of real-time data.

These collaborative, knowledge-sharing platforms enable teams within manufacturing companies to collaborate more efficiently.

Digitalizing customer relationships 

Digital technologies optimize businesses’ interactions with customers. Customers now have a comprehensive overview of the entire process, from selecting a product right through to delivery. This applies to all distribution channels and stakeholders. 

Towards digitalization

In order to increase productivity, and serve its customers faster, our client designed a proof of concept for smart factories based on Industry digitalization principles. 

At the time of the project, our client was looking for a partner to support them in the comprehensive digitization of all their key processes, from the moment customers request a quote to final product delivery. 

Accelerating digital transformation and breaking down internal barriers

Before digitizing and automating end-to-end processes to speed up production turnaround, our consultants had to find the perfect technological fit and consolidate a significant number of data sources. Such a comprehensive process overhaul in a company with considerable production capability involved many challenges on a business and technical level for such project.

Avoiding disruption to regular workflows, ensuring teams were fully on board with the internal changes, and maintaining a transparent and efficient change management process was key. 

Our 4-step approach ensured each project phase was given adequate support, and that our experts focused on the right areas at the right time.  

 A 4-step project to serve our clients’ clients

The results

We ensured our client’s entire online customer experience was upgraded, slashing quote time from 1 month to 1 hour, strengthening customer loyalty. Customers can also now monitor the status of their orders in real time.  

The company’s  teams were trained by Amaris consultants to manage the upgraded digital infrastructure on their own, giving our client the agility and skills base needed for continuous improvement.  

Our client reduced their production costs and boosted productivity while continuing to offer customers high added-value solutions that meet their increasingly complex needs. This “Next-Gen Manufacturing” project perfectly embodies our belief that technology exists to serve humans.  

In an excellent example of how digitalization can help reduce the use of natural resources, the project resulted in considerable economic benefits for the client while also lowering its environmental impact by reducing water, energy and plastic consumption.  

Key Results

Quote time: from 1 month to 1 hour

+17% in customer retention

-13% in production costs

-4% in environmental impact

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