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Bringing you tomorrow


is an international consulting platform providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It has more than 7,750 people from 95 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 60 countries.

Mantu stands beside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions and realize their projects. Mantu bolsters their growth, enables their development and supports their transformation.

Vision & Mission

We believe that businesses are above all a human adventure that carries the world forward – that’s why entrepreneurship is the world’s biggest transformation lever.

We exist to generate opportunities for a vast talent community and pass on our boldness and our entrepreneurial culture and spirit.

We want to contribute to changing people’s lives by enabling them to have an impact, to make a difference, and to move the world forward together.

Bringing you tomorrow

Our Practices

Mantu offers a range of high-value expert services in: 

Leadership Advocacy & Shaping Advisory

Coaching, training and advising top-level management to help them define their positioning and strategy in order to anticipate and adapt to the profound changes the market is undergoing in every sector (strategy consulting, change management).

Supporting businesses through the transformation of management models and ways of working. We help our clients create flexible, agile and connected working environments in line with the needs and expectations of a new generation of workers.

Future of Work


Reinventing and transforming industrial and economic models through digital and technologies. Whether it’s Information Systems & Digital, engineering, telecom, life sciences or any other of our core consulting specialties, we are able to support our clients at every level.

Anticipating disruption and creating new growth drivers for businesses. Transforming staffing and production models through new talent marketplace solutions. Through our dedicated brands, we build and nurture talent communities across the world featuring experts in every sector, capable of matching every project requirement.

Disruption & Growth

Online-Reputation & Digital Marketing

We are moving away from a top-down corporate communication model and towards a new peer-to-peer, social, real time discussion. Thanks to digital marketing, we can fine-tune campaigns to specific audiences, with an immediately measurable ROI.

A new, improved customer journey and brand experience: whether it’s corporate training programs or corporate events, we are committed to offering our clients exclusive, unforgettable, and enriching experiences.



Research & Development and open innovation will shape the business models of the future. We invest in an R&D Lab and in a Studio (our start-up incubator) in order to always be at the cutting edge, and constantly develop new services and products.

Our Brands' Platform

At Mantu, we empower our Brands to focus on delivering customer-centric value propositions. Regardless of their expertise or the sector they operate in, all the Mantu Brands share a single mission: Building and nurturing the best talent community to achieve businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ ambitions.

7Circles advises and develops tailor-made solutions to support you with digital transformation.

Ace&Perry focuses on customized workforce and personalized, effective solutions, always providing professional advice and high-quality service. We tailor everything we do to match precisely what your company needs in terms of business and technical skills.

A.D.R. Agency stands out for its highly refined expertise in luxury, fashion and cinema. An agency where excellence rhymes with craftsmanship; conviviality goes hand in hand with authenticity; and rarity expresses elegance.

Amaris Consulting is an independent Technology and Management Consulting Group providing high added-value consulting services on an international level.

One of the very few pure players to be recognized internationally for its expertise in all Human Resources Management Systems related services.

Inner Action designs solutions for strategic business challenges, training and coaching managers to execute their roll out.

Jef Label fosters innovation by connecting our community of high potential start-ups with large corporations.

KobOne helps freelance graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators find the projects that are best suited to their skills.

Little Big Connection is changing today’s workplace. LBC creates simple solutions and technologies that bring together businesses with committed communities of future-facing talent.

Novelab creates original immersive experiences for brands, companies and organisations that want to bring their concepts, events and spaces to life.

Pixel Alliance is a young collective of creatives, developers and digital experts. These digital craftsmen create holistic worlds and build bridges between the physical and virtual dimensions. 

Helping talented individuals become independent while supporting them at every stage of their career.

SST Events offers innovative approaches and diversified skills to support its clients on every type of corporate event.

Giving real meaning, purpose and impact to leaders and companies within our society. 

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